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The elves of local government’s Christmas

By Elizabeth Hughes, Strategy & Communication.
Introducing some elves that help make Claus council so wonderful. 

The only-knows-one-carol elf

While all the other elves have embraced diversity, the only-knows-one carol elf is sticking to their single off-key song.  

Santa gets them to build the dollies with strings in their backs – making sure that the repetitive chat is at the right decibel to be heard.   

Their magical power is being tone-deaf.

The digger elf

The digger elf is practical and down-to-earth. Their magical quality is their immediate access to any kind of earth-working machinery and the accompanying ability to drive it.  

Santa encourages the digger elf to build toys that are strong, sustainable and can withstand ridicule.

The colouring-in elf

Not the sharpest pencil in the box, the colouring-in elf is very caring and tries to ensure that all the other elves get to have a say.  

These elves are great at lining up the decorations by size and colour and will always have something to add to the tree – even if it is an easter egg.   

The magical power of the colouring-in elf is always managing to stay between the lines.

The star elf

The star elf was Claus famous even before they became an elf (maybe in sports or entertainment) and usually have the biggest following on their Santagram accounts.

Their magical quality is their ability to twinkle – even when the lights are off. 

Santa encourages them to stick to building playground equipment and board games.

The bad-ass elf

Santa knows there are naughty elves but this one is just a bad-ass. They pull out the Christmas lights and burn the pudding.  They make toys that need to be recalled – or simply keep throwing them out of the cot. 

Some have been known to send mean spirited letters saying there is no such thing as Santa.  

Bad-ass elves like to think their magical gift is keeping Claus council honest.

The alpha elf

This elf is acknowledged to be the most intelligent, well-read, experienced and/or richest elf in the room – therefore what they say carries more weight than other elves.   

Swinging with ego these elves have been known to front up with mistletoe in the most unexpected places.  

They have a magical power that can cause other elves heads to spin. Santa keeps them away from the reindeer.

The professional elf

The professional elf has been in the Claus workshop for more Christmases than Santa can recall.  

They are earnest and hardworking and, because they already know the answers to the Christmas cracker jokes, they can sometimes seem a bit dull.    

However, their demeanour belies a sharp mind. Professional elves are experts at knowing which side of the tree to place their baubles.

The far-sighted elf

These elves have a magical quality that enables them to see into the future. They are driven by visions and evidence that not all the other elves can see or understand. This makes the other elves wary of them and sometimes spurn them for their grandiose ideas.

Santa encourages far-sighted elves to create new Christmas stories that inspire, and to build toys that will run on fresh air.

The wise elf

These are the elves who understand that their job is to listen before speaking, to govern and not to manage, to work with the other elves to find solutions, to absorb and to disseminate, to show leadership not dissent, to build toys for the children of the future, not just for those who are around today.  

Wise elves also keep their eyes on the star – not the chimney.

Merry Christmas 


According to mythology an elf is a type of supernatural being with magical powers – ambivalent towards everyday people and capable of either helping or hindering them.  

Elves are also largely portrayed as single ethnicity and have only one gender. Apologies for that.

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