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Queen city mayor steps up with pay cut

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has taken a voluntary 20 percent cut to his mayoral salary for the next six months, following central government ministers and public sector chief executives on the same day (April 15).

“This is a personal decision that sets no expectations on actions by other mayors, councillors or local board representatives,” he says, putting no pressure on other civil servants.

“As Mayor of Auckland I am aware that in coming months there will be many people hurting financially.

“If the government legislates to allow it, I will pay the money back to the council. If not, I will make the equivalent donation to specific charities.”

Waikato District Council joined the trend, after Waikato District Council chief executive Gavin Ion also took a 20 percent pay cut for the next six months.

Ion says he made the decision within hours of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s announcement.

“For me, I believe this is one way I can acknowledge that there are people and businesses in our district who are hurting,’ he says.


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