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Practical way to share local authorities’ knowledge

Auckland Council’s John Dragicevich is putting out a call for local authorities around the country to increasingly pool their learnings.

John, who is GM infrastructure & environmental services, and director civil defence & emergency management, says the local government sector has an incredible range of knowledge.

“There are over 100 Oracles of Delphi sitting there but no-one is translating the message. It is a resource that is untapped,” he says. “If we could join it up and knowledge broker it, local government would save millions of dollars in any one year.”

Although some sharing of knowledge already occurs, it is on a very small scale.

John says Auckland Council is also looking at knowledge broking and sharing within its own organisation.

“No doubt, within councils themselves there is a challenge to share knowledge. Our council sees an opportunity to grow staff capability and ensure best value for training and conference investment.”

John invites anyone from any council who may be interested in sharing an idea to contact him “and we could collectively see if we could get some action on it”.

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This article was first published in the August 2015 issue of NZ Local Government Magazine.

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