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New Community Law manual available

Next month (September) Community Law is releasing its 2020-2021 edition of its Community Law Manual, which is an essential resource that helps everyday folks (and their advocates) help themselves when it comes to navigating Aotearoa New Zealand’s legal system.

With over 1000 pages of easy-to-read legal information on just about every area of community and personal life, it provides comprehensive answers to common, and current, legal questions. Councils and staff can order their copies now to ensure they have the latest, and the best, tools to navigate our everchanging legal landscape.

New content: Covid-19 response

The pandemic has shown that it’s more important than ever that people know their rights so they can access the resources and care that they need. That’s why this edition includes all relevant and lasting Covid-19 law changes; whether they’re changes that last for six months, or regulatory matters affecting different sectors.

Tenancy and housing changes

As the Government’s healthy homes package continues to come into effect, Community Law has made changes easy to understand.

The new edition breaks down updated safeguards for properties that don’t meet minimum standards, new rules on contaminated properties, and garages and sleep-outs. We’ve also covered limited liability for careless damage caused by tenants.

Re-written Employment legal information

The employment chapters have been overhauled with new information about health and safety, starting and leaving a job, vulnerable worker rights and what the law says about criminal convictions.

Plus, they have added lots of practical detail about the Employment Relations Authority, what to expect from mediation, and the powers of Labour Inspectors.

Improved Criminal courts content

This edition has new information about the specialist criminal courts including a practical overview of the processes involved, such as victim support, restorative justice, special courts, what the law says about name suppression and more.

Stay up-to-date with everything else

Also overhauled is information about credits and contracts and the new consumer laws, and new chapter material reflects any legislative and regulatory changes from the past year. On top of that, Community Law says it has improved the language and clarity to make the manual as accessible as possible.

Why you should buy the manual

Community Law says when you buy a copy of the Community Law Manual you are also directly contributing to a fairer, more accessible justice system where everyone should know their legal rights.

You also receive a hard copy of the manual to have at hand when clients, visitors or staff need help. “Even in the digital age, nothing beats turning a page together for real user interface and ensuring that anybody who visits your office can get the answers they need immediately.”

Delivering cutting edge legal information

The manual is made possible through a grant from the Borrin foundation; ongoing funding from the Ministry of Justice; hundreds of volunteer hours; and a dedicated Community Law team working round the clock to keep up with the pace of fundamental law change in our country. “However, we also rely heavily on book sales that keep the Community Law Manual alive. The 2020-21 edition confirms our commitment to providing the best information about areas of law most relevant to our communities.”

Order your Community Law Manual 2020-21 by emailing publications@wclc.org.nz, or order via the Community Law online bookstore.


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