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International success for Kiwi-made public loo

The kiwi-designed Exeloo, as featured in LG magazine, was named best public toilet facility in the United States recently.

Below: Exeloo facility at Sunkist Bay, Beachlands, in Auckland Region.


Manufactured in West Auckland, the Exeloo was awarded the US Best Toilet at the inaugural Best Restroom in America awards in November 2020.

This followed the installation of an Exeloo at Branscraft Park in Colorado that became the subject of a popular post on social media platform TikTok when it first opened, and then attracted a lot of media coverage.

The facility, which self-cleans after every 30 uses, sends an automatic alert via an app to maintenance crews when supplies start running low.

Exeloo managing director, Craig van Asch, says publicity about the US sale has fast-tracked other orders from LA Parks that looks after 16,000 acres of public facilities and 86 councils across greater Los Angeles. The company also exports its loos to Australia and Canada.

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