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Separate but related

Jonathan Whittaker
PARTNER, HEANEY & PARTNERS. sarah.macky@heaneypartners.com Councils must manage relationship between two key laws. Having represented councils for many years defending liability claims against them, I...

Marine mammals, abandoned vehicles and other detritus on beaches

Ruth LePla
By Linda O’Reilly, partner, Brookfields Lawyers Brookfields was recently asked a question by a territorial authority that was unsure over its responsibility for activities on...

Not green enough: Local government, the Resource Management Act & the environment

Ruth LePla
Geoffrey Palmer says the performance of local government in relation to the environment seems to be seriously deficient. The Resource Management Act 1991 conferred on...
3 Waters

New thinking on freshwater management

Ruth LePla
Will collaborative processes help find the best ways to manage our country’s freshwater? Ruth Le Pla tests the waters. A new government report on freshwater management...