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Technical Briefings

Blurring the lines

Ruth LePla
David Langford (infrastructure manager, New Plymouth District Council) won the Hynds Pipe Systems Paper of the Year for his presentation of this paper, Blurring the...
3 WatersTechnical Briefings

Climate change effects on aquatic ecology and the future for stormwater management

Ruth LePla
This paper ‘Climate Change Effects on Aquatic Ecology and the Future for Stormwater Management‘, was presented at Water New Zealand’s 2017 Stormwater Conference. By Paul...
Parks, Sport & Recreation

Auckland’s green plans for its sports parks Much more than fun and games

Ruth LePla
Auckland Council will invest more than $190 million into upgrading the playing capacity of the city’s sports parks over the next 10 years. This is...
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FYI: ITO now covers H2O

Ruth LePla
Just add water. Connexis expands its industry coverage… Infrastructure industry training organisation (ITO) Connexis is broadening its industry coverage to include infrastructure-related water industry training. The...