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Author : Charles Fairbairn


NZTA-funded LED lighting and urban benefits

Charles Fairbairn
By Claus Oustrup, director and co-founder, NB SmartCities NZ. The Transport Agency is encouraging road controlling authorities (RCAs) to transition to LED lights, if they...

Considering better project outcomes

Charles Fairbairn
By Peter Silcock, chief executive, Civil Contractors New Zealand. I’d like you to consider two situations. In the first, Contractor A wins a local government...
Information Technology

Embracing innovation at a local level

Charles Fairbairn
By Lindsay Pica-Alfano, founder of Govlaunch a free resource for local governments to share and discover innovative projects and tools. The secret to innovation is...
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Reawakening natural environments for communities

Charles Fairbairn
An Auckland Council Healthy Waters project not just remedies flooding issues for a stormwater catchment, but delivers a water sensitive, green design project and a...

Let’s talk about the future of local government

Charles Fairbairn
Stuart Crosby is the president of Local Government New Zealand, a current Bay of Plenty Regional councillor, and was the Tauranga Mayor from 2004 to...