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Pond aerator

Canada-based water and pond management supplies specialist Canadianpond.ca  has released a new aerator, the Octoair60 (100m3/hour). New Zealand agent Reaman Industries says the aerator and supporting equipment can return life to atrophied lakes and ponds. It can be installed in shallow oxidation ponds allowing local authorities to produce higher quality effluents at very low operating costs.
The aerator has Canadianpond.ca’s propriety Bubble Tubing diffuser integrated into its frame. This allows tiny fine bubbles to escape from a lake or pond bottom, rising up and transferring oxygen to the water column while also moving water to the surface where UV rays can further the water purification process.
Reaman Industries is a specialist aeration supply and installation company that works in the water and wastewater treatment fields.
Reaman says it has already introduced the Octoair60 to the Hawkes Bay Regional Council as a solution to problems with Lake Tutira which suffers from algae blooms due to agriculture fertiliser runoff from surrounding farms over past decades.

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