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Pipe infrastructure renewals

Timaru District Council engineer Lenard Smythe presented a paper on innovative asset management for pipe infrastructure at the 2016 IPWEA NZ conference.

Renewal of aging infrastructure in New Zealand is traditionally based on an estimated remaining life value. Timaru District Council has implemented a failure-based renewal programme across water, sewer and stormwater assets.
The council’s approach to physical condition-based pipe infrastructure renewal uses and manages data sources to enable a balanced renewal profile that suits the district’s specific circumstances.
Consideration of what an asset failure is enables assets to be fully maximised and potentially saves millions of dollars.
Innovative Asset Management by Lenard Smythe
The full presentation outlines what Timaru District Council has done with a particular focus on water mains, both urban and rural. The findings have so far revealed some interesting patterns of failure including:
• Everyone considers what a failure of an asset is differently and having a failure standpoint for different criticality assets is important.
• Installation years have an impact on asset lives.
• Different pipe diameters with the same material have different asset lives.
Author’s profile
Lenard Smythe is a development and renewals engineer at Timaru District Council where he has been involved in implementing a renewal programme for council’s 30-year infrastructure strategy.
Prior employment includes Waugh Infrastructure Management as an asset management consultant and North Otago Irrigation as an assets engineer.
Lenard has worked in local government for the past 10 years. Prior to that, he had 10 years mechanical design and project management experience in the private sector.

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