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Meet the Local Government Learning Hub

Meet the Local Government Learning Hub

A new entity, the LGLH – local government learning hub, has been launched to provide a tailored approach to learning.

Vern Walsh (former Auckland City councillor and community board chair) and one of the four partners in LGLH, says the focus of the new learning hub will be on induction and training crafted to meet specific needs.
“The first two workshops – Navigating the New Triennium and The First 100 Days – were developed in response to councils seeking practical and targeted learning, focused on individual council needs, with facilitators who would provide real-life experiences.”
Vern says that, together, the four partners behind LGLH have 115 years of local government experience covering finance, risk, legislative frameworks, democratic process, community/iwi engagement, strategies, planning, communication and decision-making.
Vern is currently a director of Meeting and Governance Solutions along with Steve McDowell, a former manager of Democracy Services. Both offer extensive specialised training in the local government field. They are joined by Philip Jones, former CFO and now independent advisor to seven audit and risk committees, and Elizabeth Hughes, a seasoned local government communication and advocacy specialist. Elizabeth is well known to Local Government Magazine readers for her popular Local Government 101 columns. (See page 47 of this issue for her latest one.)
For more information, email the LGLH team on info@lglh.co.nz

Pictured above from left: Vern Walsh, Philip Jones, Steve McDowell and Elizabeth Hughes: the brains and brawn behind the newly-launched Local Government Learning Hub.

This article was first published in the July 2019 issue of NZ Local Government Magazine.

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