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LED for Auckland

In a move estimated to make net savings of $32 million, Auckland Transport plans to replace 44,000 high pressure sodium street lights with energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires.

The savings will play out over the 20-year design-life of the LED luminaires. It will be New Zealand’s most ambitious LED replacement programme to date.
Auckland Transport owns more than 100,000 street lights, approximately one third of the country’s total lighting stock.
The first phase of the programme will be rolled out over five years with nearly half of the region’s street lights changing from golden yellow to white light. The balance of the conversion will potentially follow in four to five years.
Auckland Transport already has approximately 2000 energy-efficient LED luminaires in service.
At the same time the new luminaires are changed, a Tele-management System (TMS) will be installed to manage and monitor the network. This should be capable of adding a further 15 to 20 percent of energy savings through better management of light levels.  Auckland Transport will be going to tender for two new street light maintenance and renewals contracts for four years which will include the replacement LED programme. It plans to start the replacement programme early in 2015.

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