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Learning from Los Angeles

Six years ago, the City of Los Angeles launched the largest municipal LED retrofit programme in the world. Now responsible for 215,000 streetlights, 250 employees and an operating budget of US$25 million, the city’s Bureau of Street Lighting director Ed Ebrahimian says Los Angeles may do some things differently if it were starting to convert to LED now.

He shares 11 pieces of advice:

  • convert local and major roads at the same time
  • replace all maintenance requests / single light outages to LED
  • consider warmer Kelvin temperature if desired by communities
  • reduce lighting levels on local streets by mesopic / scotopic factor
  • make sure all fixtures have dimming capability
  • install GPS-enabled controls with sensors (for temperature, CO2, humidity etc)
  • start with the modern cobra head style in the first phase
  • convert decorative fixtures in the second phase
  • require a minimum of 10 years fixture warranty (up to 15 years) and 70 percent energy efficiency
  • include a target sticker denoting lumen output
  • conduct testing and evaluation in a controlled site instead of using travelled roadways.

Ed Ebrahimian was speaking at the recent Road Lighting 2015 conference in Auckland organised by Strategic Lighting Partners.

This article was first published in the April 2015 issue of NZ Local Government Magazine.

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