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Down but not out: Councils get new injury management service

Down but not out: Councils get new injury management service - Featured Image LG April 2018

Life Care Consultants and the Rehab Guys have joined forces to establish Life Care Injury Management.

The service aims to help ease staff members who may have suffered an injury back into employment that is tailored to their abilities at the time. It also enables managers to better understand, and therefore plan for, work and staffing requirements.
Life Care Injury Management is now available to local authorities.
Life Care Consultants managing director Janet Brothers says it “takes the frustration out of doctors giving medical certificates for time off work without ever communicating with the manager as to what the employee is actually able to do at work”.
“In the past,” she says, “a team member could be sitting at home on sick pay and ACC, when they could in fact be doing other duties that they are still more than capable of performing.”
Under the new service, instead of an injured staff member just going to the doctor, their manager contacts Life Care Injury Management which gets the staff member an appointment with a physiotherapist that same day.
Janet says that, within 48 hours of the injury, the manager has a diagnosis, a treatment plan and a return-to-work programme. Information is accessible online, enabling the manager to see how the staff member is progressing.
“It’s full transparency,” she says. “Injuries are managed well, there is the least amount of downtime and everyone is communicating with everyone else to get the best result for all involved.”

This article was first published in the April 2018 issue of NZ Local Government Magazine.

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