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Exeloo solution helps tackle anti-social behaviour

A penny well spent. Burwood Council in New South Wales, Australia, has eliminated anti-social behaviour at one of its toilet blocks thanks to a simple retrofit.

John Inglese, council’s senior manager – assets and design, says the block in Burwood Park in the city’s CBD had been built about 35 years ago and had a good solid structure. Built to the dictates of its time, it was large by today’s standards and the retrofit by specialists Exeloo has also made room for part of the block to be repurposed into a cafe.

Exeloo has provided public toilets at over 1000 sites worldwide. Auckland-based business development manager Steve Coatham says the Eurokit solution that Burwood Council used meant the interior could be refurbished while the exterior of the existing building remained untouched.

“We simply utilise the internal space and install the technology and solutions inside.”

Eurokit can also be used for new design buildings that require a specific exterior or construction methodology.

The retrofit had to be completed fast last year in the three-month window of opportunity between council’s spring festival in the park and its mid-December Christmas celebrations.

John Inglese says anti-social behaviour around the toilet block has stopped since the more modern, lighter and brighter facilities were re-opened. He adds that council staff now have to do much less maintenance of the building. And council will recoup expenditure in the long run by leasing out the new cafe.

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