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How good is Auckland governance?

Auckland Governance

A new report, commissioned by the Committee for Auckland, provides a good summary of pluses and minuses half a decade after Auckland was amalgamated into a unitary council. The Governance of Auckland: 5 years on asks whether the new structure has delivered on the aims of the reforms.

The report focuses on the structure of the Auckland Council encompassing the mayor and councillors, local boards and council-controlled organisations (CCOs).
Read the full report here. Governance of Auckland: 5 years on
Some topline findings:

  • The integration of eight local government entities into a unitary council with a single, integrated plan for the region, encompassing land use, transport, infrastructure and housing to guide investment in the region is a major achievement.
  • Under the old system, regional governance was weak and fragmented. This is no longer the case.
  • The local board model has yet to achieve its potential.
  • Real power lies with the governing body. Local boards lack profile and respect in the governance system. This also applies to Maori.
  • There is some concern that the restructuring of Auckland governance has removed geographic silos, creating instead – with the CCO model – functional silos.
  • Poor community engagement is still a problem.
  • For many people, Auckland is far from being the world’s most liveable city.


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